Achieve Financial Freedom with
Value Investing:
Learn How To Build A Portfolio Of Businesses To Generate
3 Income Streams

Even If You Have Absolutely No Prior Investing Knowledge or Experience

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Foreword by Lauren Templeton, Founder and President of Templeton and Phillips Capital Management, LLC

FREE: Value Investing Simplified book (Worth $33): Skip the generic investing guides and get yourself directly to the framework and numbers to start investing. 

$20 NTUC Voucher & $20 GV Voucher

given to you if you bring your friend(s) or family members along.

FREE: $10 Starbucks Gift Card: We’ll cover the cost of a trip to Starbucks, where you can fire up your laptop and start making your investment dreams come true!

Value Investing Masterclass Dates

7th August 2024 (Wednesday),
7 PM - 10:30 PM


22nd August 2024 (Thursday),
7 PM - 10:30 PM

This is an

 masterclass and will be held at:

 78 Shenton Way, AIG Building
Singapore 079120

Learn 4 safe and profitable strategies to spot good companies that pay you

Build a safe and profitable portfolio based on the proven Value Investing Methodology used by renowned investors in the world today, including Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, Peter Lynch and more. 

Build 3 Sources Of Passive Income To Last You A Lifetime

See consistent returns including weekly or monthly cash flow using the options writing strategy that Warren Buffett employs. Watch the Live Demo at the onsite seminar.

Learn To Find Fast Growth Companies To Own

Discover the unique S.E.G.A framework for identifying good growth and undervalued companies to own without the need to constantly monitor the markets.

Know The Exact Time To Enter/Exit the Market

Find out the strategy to know when to buy or sell, and how much to allocate to your portfolio without risking your capital. This powerful strategy is the secret to helping you not to lose money in stocks. 

Why Value Investing Academy?

Time-Tested Investment Strategy

Instead of coming up with new investing methods, we deliver the proven value investing framework that top investors used to generate up to billions in their portfolio.

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I'm not living in a paycheck-to-pay-paycheck situation, because VIA gives me the tools and the knowledge to generate additional income.

Consistent Returns of Up To 20% Per Year

And that's a modest figure. Many of our students are generating returns of up to 30% per year, even without prior investment knowledge. That’s 60 times higher returns than average if you were to put the same amount of money in a savings account giving you only 0.5%!

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I started investing right after I finished the course with ViA.

After a few months, I started to earn more than my full-time job. 

Investing Lessons Made Easy

You do not need to have years of investing knowledge or experience to start right. Many who came and started without any knowledge about the stock market, are able to apply the knowledge immediately and see results.

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Even for those that don't know about financial terms, I believe this will really help them to understand more and make things easier.

We Care To Make You A Better Investor

Founder Mr Cayden Chang, with over 20 years of investing experience, understands exactly how hard it is to lose one's hard-earned money in the stock market. Which is why he has made extensive efforts to help anyone avoid the same pitfalls that many make.

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After the first 2 sessions, I felt that I was quickly able to see where we went wrong previously.

We now know that making an investment in a company is a different story.

How Did I Reach My Financial Goal?

Today, I’m proud to be a very successful investor with a multi-million dollar portfolio. However, life wasn’t always this good.

My investing career got off to a rocky start. After graduating from the National University of Singapore, I landed a decent job. But I needed more money to finance my wedding, so I began investing in stocks.

But with no investing know-how, I started racking up losses. And as I gambled more money in the hope of turning things around, my losses grew. In the dot-com crash of 2001, I was wiped out—losing $50,000 almost overnight. 

Too Broke To Give My Bride A Decent Wedding

I had to work two jobs just to stay afloat. But instead of being embittered by my experience, I was inspired by it. Because I knew the world’s richest people acquire their wealth through investing.

I just need a better system.

I found it halfway around the world. I flew to the United States and learned from the only two professors in the world who teach the Value Investing strategy— the secret behind Warren Buffett’s extraordinary wealth.
My learning didn’t stop there. After coming back from the States, I compiled the insights I learned and tested the methods rigorously…until I finally cracked the code. 
I had found a reliable system that allowed me to make money on demand, and scale my wealth to new heights.
It was so effective that I went from broke to a seven-figure net worth and haven’t looked back.

Over 50,000

Across 11 cities in Asia have learned the Value Investing methodology!
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Top-Class Coaching Now Free

When you consider how much the Value Investing Masterclass could change your life, it’s clear that this is high-value training. I could easily ask for the $1000 many charge for similar seminars.

But because I want to reach as many people as we can with this seminar, I’m not asking for $1000. 
I'm making this onsite seminar Free for a limited time only.

Not only that, I'm also giving you $72 worth of bonuses just for attending. 
So do grab this one-time opportunity before it is removed.
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The admission price for this transformational event is FREE for a limited time only! But seating is limited, I just need to be sure you’re committed to attending—and prepared to invest just your time in improving your life.

After all, the most legendary value investor of all, Warren Buffett, says “the most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

You Can Be A Value Investor Too
Start Investing Safely And Profitably

You are free to sign up even if you have no prior investing knowledge or experience. See your portfolio change for the better through this Masterclass. 
So click the button below to check availability. If a place is still available, we recommend that you book immediately—before someone else grabs your slot.

Frequently asked questions

I don’t have much money to invest. Is it worth me attending?

You can start investing with just a few hundred dollars. In Singapore Exchange (SGX), an investor can invest in a quantum of one lot which is 100 shares. If a share costs $1, your capital will be $100. On the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), you can buy just one share. If a stock costs US$40, that’s cheaper than a decent restaurant meal!

Will I be able to understand the masterclass and apply the techniques?

Having mentored thousands of people across 10 different countries, we’ve come up with a step-by-step process that works. The system caters to everyone—men and women, young and old. So even a complete beginner will be able to follow along, then start investing like a pro in no time.

Why should I learn value investing? My stock broker/insurance agent/financial consultant will do it for me.

Most financial advisors are rewarded based on sales performance instead of how much their clients are making from the investments. This can result in a conflict of interest, which means you may not get the best advice.

When you are a knowledgeable investor, you can pick winning stocks on your own terms and set yourself up for greater success

Will there be any hard selling during the masterclass?

You can be assured there will be no hard-selling involved. Our goal is to give you as much valuable financial coaching as we can pack into a three hours seminar.
We would love to help you on a longer-term basis, but there is no obligation. We guarantee you will be comfortable at the seminar and delighted with the outcome.

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