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Ready to invest effortlessly? Hear from our keynote speakers on investment instruments that can grow on autopilot. Suitable for those who seek safe and consistent returns to beat inflation, yet does not require much intervention.

Some investment opportunities covered are bonds, S&P500 index funds with returns over 15% per year as recommended by Warren Buffett and get insights on how to find fast growth companies to invest in.

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After taking the course, I realized that the way I approached investing was totally incorrect in the past. Concepts were explained in ways that were easy to understand. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has been having trouble in the stock market or are looking to start.
— Greg Song
I highly recommend the Value Investing Course for anyone who is keen to embark on the journey to financial freedom!
— Evelyn Khoo
I learnt valuable lessons with regards to selecting businesses to invest in based on the right principles and at the right price. Cayden is able to break down seemingly difficult concepts to levels that anyone can understand.
— Victor Lee